Financial sanctions are complex and ever-changing.

We advise clients on the impact of financial sanctions, including on their counterparties, on existing or potential contracts, and on the enforcement of judgments or awards against sanctioned entities or individuals. We also advise clients on sanctions-related contractual disputes, which may arise if a party intends to rely on financial sanctions to terminate or otherwise not perform an existing contract.

Failing to comply with sanctions may have severe regulatory and reputational consequences, including a fine from the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI), which may publicly identify its recipient. We are well-placed to advise you on your options if a sanctions breach may have been committed.

Our lawyers’ experience in financial sanctions includes:

  • Advising clients on financial sanctions obligations (including asset freeze measures)
  • Challenging an OFSI fine for a breach of financial sanctions
  • Obtaining sanctions authorisations from the UK and EU competent authorities
  • Advising clients on the impact of financial sanctions on ongoing projects and contracts
  • Advising on enforcement of judgments against sanctioned entities

Being a specialist disputes firm means that we rarely encounter the conflicts of interests that are an issue for many of the larger firms. This is particularly important in the context of financial sanctions, because sanctions issues frequently involve (and indeed may arise out of) compliance by financial institutions with their sanctions obligations.

We are an excellent choice for your sanctions queries.