A formidable reputation in the sector.

We have unrivalled expertise in complex, high value banking and financial services litigation. Our cases include landmark judgments on significant developments of the law. Our work spans a range of financial services sectors and issues, including:

  • Lending and guarantees
  • Derivatives and other synthetic products
  • FX and other rate manipulation and front-running claims
  • Brokerage disputes
  • Investment advisory claims

We operate a conflict-free model which means we are able to act adversely to most major financial institutions.

Financial products

We have experience in claims involving all manner of financial products, including:

  • Forex (FX) derivatives
  • Interest rate derivatives
  • Exotic derivatives

We advise clients in relation to claims against banks and brokers resulting from mis-selling of derivatives, generally arising from failed currency hedging strategies.

Front-running and market manipulation

We have significant expertise and experience advising on front-running claims arising in a variety of different markets including currency, derivatives and securities, often against major financial institutions. The front-running of orders can occur in any market where inside information is used to take advantage of a market not “in the know”. We are ideally placed to handle claims arising out of the regulatory investigations (by the FCA and other regulators worldwide) in relation to manipulation of FX markets and rigging of bank or benchmark rates.

The firm has long been at the cutting edge of English litigation involving benchmark-fixing and manipulation and has significant experience of developing and bringing these claims – in particular, we pioneered the ‘test cases’ against multiple financial institutions for LIBOR manipulation following regulatory investigations, scoring a number of successful court victories.