Commercial disputes are at the heart of what we do. If a business dispute doesn’t fit squarely within one of our other practice areas, chances are it will fit here.

Commercial disputes can cover all manner of industries, but typically revolve around a difference over a contract. CYK is frequently involved in a wide variety of ‘B2B’ and ‘B2C’ commercial contractual disputes, such as:

Business outsourcing and supplier disputes
International trade
Personal service contracts
Intermediary, introducer and agent disputes
Delivery and installation of large-scale equipment and projects
Franchise and licensing disputes
Sea, air and aerospace disputes ››

Where a business relationship is on-going, we employ discretion and sensitivity to manage it while protecting our clients’ interests. Where a relationship has broken down, we advise clients on how best to terminate their contractual ties and disentangle themselves from their counterparties.

Sometimes, urgent steps are required to force a counterparty to perform its obligations. CYK is responsive and always ‘battle ready’. Our lawyers are also frequently instructed to bring and defend applications for injunctive relief.