The team at Cooke, Young & Keidan can advise on disputes arising in the FinTech industry. This is a fast-growing sector and in 2015 London attracted a record amount of investment into the industry.

As the technology driving the FinTech surge becomes more commonplace, there is a growing demand for legal advice about the specific contentious legal issues relating to disruptive technologies, payment service providers, alternative finance, P2P lending, crowdfunding, robo and automated advice, Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Our experienced team of solicitors has an excellent insight into the unique challenges facing the sector.

As a firm we can assist with:

  • Claims arising from digital currency investment and market manipulation of said currencies;
  • Investment, joint venture and venture capital disputes arising in relation to businesses using these technologies;
  • Breaches of software licensing terms or unlicensed use of software;
  • Disputes in relation to P2P lending;
  • Claims relating to investments made through crowdfunding platforms;
  • Professional negligence claims arising from the structuring of and investment in FinTech enterprises;
  • Disputes arising from claims of anti-competitive behaviour in the sector; and
  • Claims relating to the use of digital database blockchains.

Our lawyers are enthusiastic about this rapidly-evolving sector and knowledgeable about the specific issues facing it.

Clients can be assured of our conflict-free practice and competitive fees, which make us an attractive alternative to the large City of London and international law firms.