Our lawyers have significant expertise in a broad range of disputes and claims across the IT, technology and telecommunications sectors. The complex, bespoke nature of many agreements in this sector frequently means that they contain traps for the unwary. We are experts at analysing these contracts, advising our clients of their rights and guiding them through the disputes process.

Our clients include software developers and licensees, outsourcing suppliers and customers, technology and telecoms providers, mobile network operators and managed service providers. Our experience includes acting on cases involving allegations of underperformance or variation of contractual scope, breach of licensing terms or the failure of a joint venture (JV), and our clients’ key objective is often to terminate their existing contracts.

We also have experience advising on claims involving issues such as digital fraud, internet traffic manipulation, web scraping, crawling, computer misuse and theft of confidentail information relating to innovative technology concepts.

As a specialist disputes firm we rarely encounter the conflicts of interests that are an issue for many of the larger law firms which enables us to act against well-known technology and telecoms providers, as well as major financial institutions and government departments, who are some of the largest consumers of IT services and software.