From Russia (and elsewhere) with love

16 July 2018: A team from CYK comprising Daniel Burbeary, Irina Buydova, Matthew Gale and Marc Keidan recently held a workshop for a visiting delegation of Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh lawyers organised by the Strasbourg-headquartered European Centre for Legal Cooperation (CECJ). The event was hosted by the Law Society of England and Wales

The delegates were private practice lawyers and in-house counsel from a broad range of industry sectors in Russia and the CIS region who had come to London to learn more about current trends and recent developments in English commercial law. It was a well-attended and popular event.

The CYK team focussed on issues relating to establishing and challenging jurisdiction in cases involving parties from Russia and the CIS region, including recent caselaw developments in establishing residency and domicile of individuals and corporate entities and practical aspects of service of proceedings in and outside England and Wales. The workshop was well received and generated a lively discussion. The team have been invited by the CECJ to provide a similar workshop at another of their events in September.